A JRS Comic

A JRS Comic – 400th issue of JRS! Also, this Friday June the 1st is officially the Tenth Anniversary of “Johnny, Roy and Steffy”. Actually, Ziritrion drew the three post_tag before, and I drew the first strips months before in my personal blog, but the JRS webcomic blog started on June the 1st of 2008.

I have in my To-Do list to put all the comics in a single volume, even digital, for whoever wants to have them all together. I’ll tell you about this soon! Also, Karibul, Fubu, m0d, people from l’Oasi, also Ziritrion (if he doesn’t forget about this) told me that, possibly, they send me something for this anniversary. I’m putting this together, also. And if somebody else wants so send something, you’re welcome to do that!

Now, I’ll be a couple of weeks preparing new story arcs, and update the “character sheets”.

Thanks to everyone who read me during this decade, at any time, and from any place of the world! Let’s keep going 10 more years!

J.L.B., El Pitiflí

P.D.: I hope that, at some point, I will learn to draw

Desing Engineering

Desing Engineering – Hi again! Another week here!

The Software Engineering 2 exams were about designing software for invented scenarios like “software to manage a gym/club/whatever”, using UML patterns. Those exams always had the same formula “We want to keep register of members, with their data… also activities, with their name… each activity has 1 to X editions, each edition 1 to N users, …”. Those problems were not much funny, like Data Structures and Algorithms, where each semester “Johnny, Roy and Steffy” had some problem reducible to some NP-difficult problem, to be solved by the students.

The Replacements

The Replacements – Hop! Tuesday night update!

Time to start replacing “real” post_tag with “invented“ ones. When I started this, I filled the JRS universe with post_tag based on real people from FIB/UPC/Casal, and made the bad choice of preserving some of their names, linking the character to the real person. That prevented me to put some of them in compromising story arcs, to not offend that real people. I also attempted to “alter history” by modifying published issues, but it was kinda complicated, although some post_tag were already anonymized/unlinked.

People come and go from the faculty and the “Casal de l’Estudiant”. Associations pass from the older generation to the newest when the first ones graduate. And this is the excuse to substitute the “real-named” post_tag. Obviously, the new post_tag will represent clichés and protagonists of real stories, but this time under new secret identities.

Selling l’Oasi

Selling l’Oasi – Hi again! Here we are.

When we sold l‘Oasi we set up a table in the middle of the Faculty Plaza, with piles of magazines, while we went down across the campus on top of an Ikea shopping cart shouting that l’Oasi was on sale. We also camped outside the computer rooms, where all the students went between sessions to check on-line their schedules, before we had smartphones.

Designing l’Oasi

Designing l’Oasi – Hi again! Everything OK at home?!

A classic from l’Oasi, that design time where articles are put, images are places, and pages are composed; everything without any hint from the “old ones” on how to use Aldus Pagemaker Adobe Pagemaker Indesign.

Another classic is to debate whether or not publishing the magazine digital, or keep it being printed. Each new generation discusses the same, and never is carried on. Meanwhile, each issue has less volumes printed, as nowadays nobody seems to like printed magazines anymore (only the teachers seem to buy that).

More Pages!

More Pages! – Hello, hello! Easter update today! A festive day here in Catalonia, as in most of Europe.

It is a usual thing for the Magazine veterans to disappear, leaving the hard work for the new members of l’Oasi. This “helps” the newbies by making them to gather the people from other clubs and associations to finish the new l’Oasi issue.

Magazine Brainstorming

Magazine Brainstorming – Hop! Another issue this week!

In the magazine office it is known that the most “in” teachers at FIB are Glynn Morill and Borja Vallés. They’ve been in the top ten for decades. When I joined the magazine 15 years ago, they already were “in”. They’ll always be “in”.

Cleaning Party

Cleaning Party – ¡Hi again! Today I’m talking about “El Xollo”, the Civil Engineering’s Faculty magazine, as “l’Oasi” is from Informatics and “Distorsió” from Telecommunications. Few people have seen them, as they appear once a year, they hit the magic button for “make magazine”, and then disappear. Their mascot is a “water drop” (?), that once was drawn on cardboard for promoting the magazine. But nobody takes permanent care of that cardboard figure, and it goes from hand to hand traveling the campus, clubs and associations. Today it sits in the Civil Engineering’s Canteen.