Pizza Party Wrap Up (Part 1)

Pizza Party Wrap Up (Part 1) – Monday Update! (In extremis! Here it’s 23:55)

Just got busy this past week, spending my free time with that “Doki Doki Literature Club” game and its lore. Meaning that I couldn’t sleep, so being useless during the morning.

I had time to think about the next story arc, beyond issue 400.

Bunny Hunt

Bunny Hunt – Hi again! Another week, another strip!

The 3rd basement is the most famous in the Casal (Student House) for intimating. Basically, it is not easy to reach, because there’s a metal door hiding the stairs. Also, basement 2 is more accessible but dirtier, and it’s near the RPG Club and the Robotics Club; it’s easy to get caught.

Free Pizza Party

Free Pizza Party – Hi everyone! I’m back, after two weeks of exhausting work.

This issue is based on real events, with rel pizzas, and real discounts. We didn’t pay anything for the 30 pizzas, and we still had codes for some weeks. Domino’s BlackJack Pizza learned not to ask for promotion websites to stingy consultancy firms.

The guest tar is “Rino Rodríguez”, one of the artifice of the pizza party.

P.D.: Happy holidays (that festivity/celebration that represents you the most) to everyone!