Valuable Bunny

Valuable Bunny – [Rescued from Tumblr] Another issue of JRS in its English version!

Finally arrived the day when half of my Computer Sciences students (specifically those who submitted their assignments) are women! I discard all those who didn’t, because they are dead to me! …Actually not, just dramatizing. It goes well for my quick analysis, where we achieved gender parity in CS!

I just wanted to share that fact with you. That’s all! 😉

Bunnies Wanna Have Shelter

Bunnies Wanna Have Shelter – [Rescued from Tumblr] Here’s a new page for JRS in its English version!

Here in Catalonia we don’t have “Halloween”, but we have also pagan traditions, like the “Chestnut Party” (yes, that’s a real celebration). On the 31st of October we eat chestnuts, sweet potatoes, and sweets made of almond, sugar and potato we like to call “panellets”. This page has been made while eating all of that.

Award Ceremony

Award Ceremony – [Rescued from Tumblr] Back again from vacation, and here with the last translated comic from JRS. Officially, the name of the Rat Girl will be Linda Ratowsky (Some day I will tell you the adventures of the Rat Girl from the FIB).

This comic goes to that man on Barcelona in charge to announce the world about “The Simpsons: Marge vs. the Monorail” being aired on TV.

Awake and Recreated

Awake and Recreated –  [Rescued from Tumblr]

I’m retaking the drawing habits, as now I have time again! Starting with my main web-comic at MaiusCentral (in Spanish but that I decided to translate to English as you see above), and with some other comics and short stories in mind. Some of those stories will be “geeky”, you are warned!

I kind of re-planned the JRS web-comic, as it became extremely “local” and with too many “private references” from the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (FIB). I didn’t reboot it, but I’ll try to let possible new readers to enter into the story from here, and think of stories as I was an “outsider” but keeping the essence of the FIB.

And I’ll restart with a tribute to the 90′s…