Awake and Recreated

Awake and Recreated –  [Rescued from Tumblr]

I’m retaking the drawing habits, as now I have time again! Starting with my main web-comic at MaiusCentral (in Spanish but that I decided to translate to English as you see above), and with some other comics and short stories in mind. Some of those stories will be “geeky”, you are warned!

I kind of re-planned the JRS web-comic, as it became extremely “local” and with too many “private references” from the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona (FIB). I didn’t reboot it, but I’ll try to let possible new readers to enter into the story from here, and think of stories as I was an “outsider” but keeping the essence of the FIB.

And I’ll restart with a tribute to the 90′s…

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