About JRS Comics

For many issues of l’Oasi Magazine, Ziritrion wrote a few comic strips with three “furry” FIBers (students of the Faculty of Informatics of Barcelona) named Johnny, Roy and Steffy (like characters appearing on Data Structures exams, written by Salvador Roure and Jordi Petit). From here, I fell in love with those characters and asked Ziritrion permission to write and draw stuff based on them.

So yeah! Technically this is smutt-fluff fanfiction of Ziritrion’s characters

(Flyer from FestaFIB 2006 spring party, by Ziritrion)


  • Johnny: Kitten, typical “high-school loser” orbiting around geek-nerd-dork behaviors, but he always get over it. He entered the faculty because he liked computers at not-freaky levels. He lost faith in getting laid Then he met Steffy in his first Physics Lab.
  • Roy: Red Panda (…firefox). He’s commonly mistaken by a “colorful Racoon”. He’s kind of a genius but kind of ingenuous. He’s always in weird situations.
  • Steffy: Common bunny, with some “appealing”. She doesn’t know how she ended at the Faculty, but she liked it. She’ll do whatever is required to demonstrate her value (and shut the mouth of those who bullied her at high school).

P.D.: Abstain yourself to expect Yiff or weird deviations… Furry doesn’t mean Yiff, ¡dang it! This is mostly safe for work, with some casual nudity, nothing hardcore or inappropriate.