Magazine Brainstorming

Magazine Brainstorming – Hop! Another issue this week!

In the magazine office it is known that the most “in” teachers at FIB are Glynn Morill and Borja Vallés. They’ve been in the top ten for decades. When I joined the magazine 15 years ago, they already were “in”. They’ll always be “in”.

Free Pizza Party

Free Pizza Party – Hi everyone! I’m back, after two weeks of exhausting work.

This issue is based on real events, with rel pizzas, and real discounts. We didn’t pay anything for the 30 pizzas, and we still had codes for some weeks. Domino’s BlackJack Pizza learned not to ask for promotion websites to stingy consultancy firms.

The guest tar is “Rino Rodríguez”, one of the artifice of the pizza party.

P.D.: Happy holidays (that festivity/celebration that represents you the most) to everyone!