The Replacements

The Replacements – Hop! Tuesday night update!

Time to start replacing “real” post_tag with “invented“ ones. When I started this, I filled the JRS universe with post_tag based on real people from FIB/UPC/Casal, and made the bad choice of preserving some of their names, linking the character to the real person. That prevented me to put some of them in compromising story arcs, to not offend that real people. I also attempted to “alter history” by modifying published issues, but it was kinda complicated, although some post_tag were already anonymized/unlinked.

People come and go from the faculty and the “Casal de l’Estudiant”. Associations pass from the older generation to the newest when the first ones graduate. And this is the excuse to substitute the “real-named” post_tag. Obviously, the new post_tag will represent clichés and protagonists of real stories, but this time under new secret identities.

Magazine Brainstorming

Magazine Brainstorming – Hop! Another issue this week!

In the magazine office it is known that the most “in” teachers at FIB are Glynn Morill and Borja Vallés. They’ve been in the top ten for decades. When I joined the magazine 15 years ago, they already were “in”. They’ll always be “in”.

Not always the nice cat

Not always the nice cat – I wanted to publish this yesterday, but while I was finishing the work, Windows (I had to go with Win10, because there’s no way Clip Studio paint works on Ubuntu) decided to reboot without any warning, making e to lose all the unsaved work, and taking an hour and a half to update somewhat shit (because it works as bad as always).

So after midnight, when the session resumed, I was so much tired to re-do all the lost work. And today I finished it 🙂

Campus Radio

Campus Radio – This is one with references to my favorite podcasts. Also, the facts here explained are based on real events, real morons, and real librarians.

One day I’ll explain how, one day, the manager of the Community Radio packed all the stuff and ran away furtively, leaving an empty studio room behind… We ended recording in a friend’s laundry room.