502 – Morning Girl

Morning Girl – Hop! Wednesday night update. This is one of those updates in which I think what to write in the post that accompanies the comic (this is, this text you are reading now), and I don’t know what to explain. Not work stuff, because it is simply boring and/or cannot be detailed. And even less stuff from life and love, as being more than a year inside home does not provide many adventures to tell. And if I started talking about the game I’m coding, I’d have that feeling that I’m repeating myself too much.

Anyway, meanwhile, I leave you with the comic, with Anne and Roy.

501 – Morning Breakfast

Morning Breakfast – Hello again! I’m back, after three months disconnected. All this time I’ve been occupied with work, and I didn’t have any time to sit and write or draw. Also I needed some vacation of all of this. This does not mean that I stayed doing nothing, but I’ve been doing some illustrations that I’ll publish in the blog and twitter, and I’ve been programming parts of the engine for the MSX game I’m preparing.

So now, we start with a new episode of JRS: “Night at FestaFIB”. Meanwhile, I leave you here with Roy and Anne!

Celebration Dinner (Finale)

Celebration Dinner (Finale) – Friday night update! This is the issue 500, closing this chapter! Now I’ll take some vacation days, to finish some business (a DnD game and additional assets for my MSX game), and then I’ll be back with the next chapter.

Good night everyone!

Celebration Dinner (Part 3)

Celebration Dinner (Part 3) – We’re back here, with a night at the Toreros. That place is a “restaurant for groups”, with cheap food, cheap beer, and a tourist trap and Erasmus students. Every time we sold the magazines we went to that place because they let us to do some fuzz… until we did too much and they kicked us from there. So we didn’t go back, and looked for ther place (e.g. El Puma or the Merendero Campechano). Once older we settled at the Salamanca, where we’re returning after the pandemic.

Guitar Man

Guitar Man – Hello hello, my pretties! I’m back around here. Today I’m experimenting with “The Color (TM)”. From the beginning I filled the comic strips with B&W textures, from when I drew over paper, as scanning pictures 11 years ago produced low quality lines hard to fill with GIMP. The textures (actually, lines) where added over vegetable paper when inking, then scanned. And when starting with digital drawing, I kept the procedure because textures are easy to add. But seen the previous strip, it is possible that adding color is not an issue anymore (with so few time to draw, I have to optimize time, and coloring has an overtime). If it goes well, I’ll keep the color on strips!

In other order of things, the Guitar Man! One guy at the copy center, and the Telecogresca association, that every afternoon brought a guitar to the cafeteria terrace, playing always the same three chords (C, F, G) for years. The CPET Copy Center and Telecogresca were a black hole where students entered and remained there for life, becoming part of the Campus people. When the copy center was close, all that fauna was lost forever 🙁