Celebration Dinner (Finale)

Celebration Dinner (Finale) – Friday night update! This is the issue 500, closing this chapter! Now I’ll take some vacation days, to finish some business (a DnD game and additional assets for my MSX game), and then I’ll be back with the next chapter.

Good night everyone!

The Debate for Moskovskaia

The Debate for Moskovskaia – Hello hello! This issue is 3 days late, because it took more efforts that I though (even being that simple), and because I’ve been working in the “MisadventureMay” (you can check my Twitter @SenseTomaquet).

The debate happened, but the machines remained in their place. But things didn’t end there.

Fragile Roy

Fragile Roy – Hi again! We have here another issue.

[Rescued from Tumblr]:

So… I’ve already stated that JRS is a “mostly SFW” comic, with just a pinch of “rabbit meat”, showing naturally here and there, as we’re not always dressed 24/7. And that’s my intention, to keep this way with JRS.

Also I wanted to start a parallel blog, maybe with more nudity but never hardcore (e.g. poses and pin-ups), preventing “dangerous material” to reach the main channel and keeping your spirit pure and clean.

But, as I just read when logging into Tumblr, they’ll start to enforce rules against not SFW stuff, and at this time I don’t know how to proceed. Maybe some stuff of JRS gets me in trouble, also any other alternative blog become impossible. If I was already thinking twice and trice every post I ever made, this new situation will make it worse.

I’ve seen other people fleeing to Twitter and other platforms (Deviantart, Furaffinity, etc.), so I maybe take the “big journey” too.

I’ll make a decision in the following days for what to do, and I’ll communicate it to all of you, my dear followers, bots and non-bots. At this time, I’ll keep my channels (“pitifli” and “jrscomics”) as usual, and your comments and support will be as always very welcome.

Stay tuned for further communications!