Celebration Dinner (Part 3)

Celebration Dinner (Part 3) – We’re back here, with a night at the Toreros. That place is a “restaurant for groups”, with cheap food, cheap beer, and a tourist trap and Erasmus students. Every time we sold the magazines we went to that place because they let us to do some fuzz… until we did too much and they kicked us from there. So we didn’t go back, and looked for ther place (e.g. El Puma or the Merendero Campechano). Once older we settled at the Salamanca, where we’re returning after the pandemic.

The Cluster (Part 2)

The Cluster (Part 2) – Hello! I’m back at home in Barcelona, and here I bring the last JSR issue, prepared before packing my stuff.

Casal Stories: The famous “Cheetos-Eater” got 10 machines (this is four times 2.5 machines, and this is terrible) from the Student Council, to build a cluster for his association (in which he was the only member). It was suspected he hid pornography, but not in the same levels of sophistication than the Linux-UPC association. He brought the electric grid down every time he started the cluster.

The Cluster (Part 1)

The Cluster (Part 1) – Hello hello! Finally I could finish this week’s (actually last’s) issue. The Surface I brought on tour didn’t let me finish things on time, as it starts flickering after some time working. Luckily I’ll be at home in December, with the good tools to do stuff.

Meanwhile, there’s Steffy and Bill with the Moskovskaia post-mortem.