Fragile Roy

Fragile Roy – Hi again! We have here another issue.

[Rescued from Tumblr]:

So… I’ve already stated that JRS is a “mostly SFW” comic, with just a pinch of “rabbit meat”, showing naturally here and there, as we’re not always dressed 24/7. And that’s my intention, to keep this way with JRS.

Also I wanted to start a parallel blog, maybe with more nudity but never hardcore (e.g. poses and pin-ups), preventing “dangerous material” to reach the main channel and keeping your spirit pure and clean.

But, as I just read when logging into Tumblr, they’ll start to enforce rules against not SFW stuff, and at this time I don’t know how to proceed. Maybe some stuff of JRS gets me in trouble, also any other alternative blog become impossible. If I was already thinking twice and trice every post I ever made, this new situation will make it worse.

I’ve seen other people fleeing to Twitter and other platforms (Deviantart, Furaffinity, etc.), so I maybe take the “big journey” too.

I’ll make a decision in the following days for what to do, and I’ll communicate it to all of you, my dear followers, bots and non-bots. At this time, I’ll keep my channels (“pitifli” and “jrscomics”) as usual, and your comments and support will be as always very welcome.

Stay tuned for further communications!

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