Can we fix it

Can we fix it?! – Hop! Monday late update! How’s everything at home? Here we’re a little bit overwhelmed with work and stuff.

[Rescued from Tumblr]:

As I’ve been explaining the past days, with all this Tumblr lock-down thing, I started my own “evacuation protocol”:

1) I created a Twitter account: (<- follow me follow me follow me). I’ll publish there the illustrations and links to JRS issues, in parallel to tumblr.

2) I’m setting up self-hosted blogs to save everything: SenseTomaquet and JRS-comics. When it’s decent to visit, I’ll share here the URL and the RSS!

3) I’m thinking how to automate everything, to not upload everything 99999 times in 99999 different social networks.

4) Also, I’m thinking to open a Deviantart account or similar (Furaffinity…?), as I observed that Twitter is too much “frenetic”. (Now I realize they screwed a perfect social network for my things).

If you have comments or suggestions, they’ll be welcomed!

Thanks to all of you,

El Pitiflí

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