Guitar Man

Guitar Man – Hello hello, my pretties! I’m back around here. Today I’m experimenting with “The Color (TM)”. From the beginning I filled the comic strips with B&W textures, from when I drew over paper, as scanning pictures 11 years ago produced low quality lines hard to fill with GIMP. The textures (actually, lines) where added over vegetable paper when inking, then scanned. And when starting with digital drawing, I kept the procedure because textures are easy to add. But seen the previous strip, it is possible that adding color is not an issue anymore (with so few time to draw, I have to optimize time, and coloring has an overtime). If it goes well, I’ll keep the color on strips!

In other order of things, the Guitar Man! One guy at the copy center, and the Telecogresca association, that every afternoon brought a guitar to the cafeteria terrace, playing always the same three chords (C, F, G) for years. The CPET Copy Center and Telecogresca were a black hole where students entered and remained there for life, becoming part of the Campus people. When the copy center was close, all that fauna was lost forever 🙁

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