The Tickets (Part 10)

The Tickets (Part 10) – Hop! Monday update on time! I’ve been 19 days without leaving home, no more than for taking the garbage out and buying food at the mini-market down in my block. And there’s still 12 more days of official lock-down (for now…).

Meanwhile, we’re out of the Fake Llimoner and Esbart Away concerts!

The Tickets (Part 4)

The Tickets (Part 4) – Hop! Monday update! This time with some “fan art”, as I needed a supporting group for the “Fake Llimoner”, so I drew a real group with one of their songs (translated to catalan). 100 mini-points for those who guess which group and which song is it supposed to be. The solution, in a moment…

P.D. I only could fit in the strip three of the four members of the band, so later I’ll publish the image with the four members.

“Quins nervis, el rellotge sembla aturat.
Porteu-me aquĂ­ un metge abans que sigui tard.
Les noto a l’estomac, quasi puc volar.
Estic malaltĂ­s perĂČ tot s’arreglarĂ .
Intento no semblar ni estrany ni un ximplet.
Entenc que t’espantis i fugis corrents.
No estic pas a l’alçada dels teus encants.
No entenc com t’ho has fet per haver-me triat.

Alguns no entendran mai, quan la vida els fa un regal.
Ets un Ă ngel d’amagat… Aixi doncs

Fem el beneĂŻt quan la nit Ă©s jove.
Passem-ho com si no hi hagués demà!
No ho xerris pas, desa-ho per tu sola.
DĂ©u meu, el cor em tremola…!
No puc deixar de semblar un idiota.
Besa’m ara, et necessito tota.
Sols un dia més, no vull que acabi aquí,
Si et deixo marxar, et tornarĂ© a tenir amb mi…?”

Not For Hire

Not For Hire – Hello, hello! Another week here, another JRS issue, this time from the most picturesque New England.

The Campus copy center was managed by students, but the guy driving everything (and the big printers) was a guy in a basement of the Campus, totally devoted to the business (and big cup girls). Aside of the girls, once they hired a guy who played the guitar in front of the cafeteria, every evening at 18h. Some day we’ll talk about that guy too.

Looking for a Job

Looking for a Job – Good afternoon! Second issue drawn at the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. This time it is about the now closed campus copy center. All the notes and textbooks (when in paper) were available there, and it was run by students. It was said that the guy ruling the cooperative (some day I’ll talk about him), majorly hired girls with big breasts, something that couldn’t be proved but also not denied…