Sex-Friends – Hi again! I’m back on Monday Wednesday, with a new update of JRS!

[Rescued from Tumblr]:

With the Tumblr catastrophe, I built a website with parallel blogs (JRS in english, and the multi-purpose illustration blog), in case Tumblr ENDS©. I still have to arrange lots of things on the page, but that’s what I could finish within the rush.

Cleaning Party

Cleaning Party – ¡Hi again! Today I’m talking about “El Xollo”, the Civil Engineering’s Faculty magazine, as “l’Oasi” is from Informatics and “Distorsió” from Telecommunications. Few people have seen them, as they appear once a year, they hit the magic button for “make magazine”, and then disappear. Their mascot is a “water drop” (?), that once was drawn on cardboard for promoting the magazine. But nobody takes permanent care of that cardboard figure, and it goes from hand to hand traveling the campus, clubs and associations. Today it sits in the Civil Engineering’s Canteen.

Casal’s Night (Part 1)

Casal’s Night (Part 1) – ¡Late Update! (I wanted to post on Monday, but it was impossible…)

[From “casalpedia” Greskero: n.m. (”greskera” n.f.) Kind of a being, sometines similar to a person, commonly found in the association “TelecoGresca”, in charge of the spring festival at Telecommunications, and pull the trees of the Campus when drunk.