Celebration Dinner (Part 3)

Celebration Dinner (Part 3) – We’re back here, with a night at the Toreros. That place is a “restaurant for groups”, with cheap food, cheap beer, and a tourist trap and Erasmus students. Every time we sold the magazines we went to that place because they let us to do some fuzz… until we did too much and they kicked us from there. So we didn’t go back, and looked for ther place (e.g. El Puma or the Merendero Campechano). Once older we settled at the Salamanca, where we’re returning after the pandemic.

Werdley Map (Reprise)

Werdley Map (Reprise) – OK, I don’t know if today’s comic is plain weird or simply stupid. If anybody gets the reference, I’ll be worth the effort. I’m on vacation and I wanted to experiment a little bit. I promise that the next week everything will go back to normal (if there’s such a thing as “normal”). Sorry!

The Query (Part 1)

The Query (Part 1) – In 2008 an SQL query was created in Revistes Campus Nord, being it the best in all history. It was immediately declared as “The Best in the West”, granted a seat in the Royal Academy of Spain, also given the Saint George Cross, the medal of Best Car of 2009 and the prize of best sparkly water Barcelona 1898. That Query only had a function, short and clear, as needful an valuable. That function was, as you already deduced, getting panties wet. History will remember that Query, along other important events on that year, being those the “SisTel Rap”, the Pikachu plushy that got Manguerito angry, and the sandwich that somebody forgot in the fridge on that hot summer.