Velociraptor – Hello again! Today I bring the story of the legend of the Velociraptor. Once upon a time, around 2006, a student from Civil Engineering crossed the Campus quickly in long strides. He was not in a hurry, it was just his way of traveling, also his way of existing, without stopping his run. He run the stairs up and down, trotted the bar at the Polimenú, and when he has no place to be he circled the Telecos square. Everything with his neck forward and arms resting on his chest, like a velociraptor. Everybody had seen hm at least once, and every local knew him. Only the librarians hated him, as he entered he library and ran between the book shelves. And the same way he arrived, one day he finished his studies and left, somewhere to run in greener fields. I don’t know where Veloci is right now, but God bless him! [An emotive fanfare sounds in the background]