Predators (Part 1) – Hello hello! I’m back again. These last weeks I have been too busy to draw anything. But today I’m back here. Also I have 1 strip in buffer!!!

As it’s been long time since I’m doing these strips in English (additionally to the original version in Spanish:, I’ve been maintaining two WordPress blogs (aside of this Tumblr) one per language. In the next weeks I’ll be playing with WordPress to allow me publishing in multi-language, knowing that ComicEasel does not support multi-language for “comic” type. Soon or later I’ll will fuse the two blogs into one with language select! I’ll be delicate, as I keep records from 11 years of strips, and I want to keep every publication and comment.

Reminder: I have a Twitter, where I’m a liiiiiittle more social than here (just a little), also because this place is becoming emptier day by day 🙁